12.14 The Pooled-Variance t Test as a Regression

A look at the relationship between the pooled-variance t test and simple linear regression. I illustrate how the pooled-variance t test can be done as a regression, by declaring an appropriate indicator variable.

The Cairo traffic police officer data is simulated data with the same summary statistics as found in:
Kamal, A., Eldamaty, S., and Faris, R. (1991). Blood level of Cairo traffic policemen. Science of the Total Environment, 105:165Ð170.

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  1. I have just finished watching all your lectures for 12. Regression.
    Thanks a lot for providing such resources. They helped me a tremendous amount and I admire the way you explained them:
    – Right to the point
    – Answering the most common questions
    – Short and effective
    – Perfectly pronounced
    – Simple examples easy to follow
    – Short but focused presentations

    All these lectures helped me clarify some topics that were not clear to me: why the difference between the confidence and prediction interval, the usage of dummy variables, the leverage and influence.

    Thanks a lot again for your contribution to this world. Your students must be very lucky with you.

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