6.15 t Tests for One Mean: Introduction

An introduction to t tests for one population mean. I briefly discuss when we use the test, and when we would use a z test instead. I also briefly discuss the hypotheses of the test, and the p-value for different alternatives. I then work through an example. (If you are comfortable with the basics of … Read more

6.16 t Tests for One Mean: An Example

of a t test, then briefly investigate the influence of 3 outliers on the conclusions. The sleep misperception index data is simulated data with the same summary statistics as found in: Manconi et al. (2010). Measuring the error in sleep estimation in normal subjects and in patients with insomnia. Journal of Sleep Research, 19:478–486.

6.18 Hypothesis tests on one mean: t or z?

I look at at what influences the choice of the t statistic or z statistic in one-sample hypothesis tests on the population mean mu, then work through an example of a t test. I compare the p-value of the t test to what we would have found had we (incorrectly) used a z test.