2.1 An Introduction to Continuous Probability Distributions

An introduction to continuous random variables and continuous probability distributions. I briefly discuss the probability density function (pdf), the properties that all pdfs share, and the notion that for continuous random variables probabilities are areas under the curve.

2.4 Introduction to the Continuous Uniform Distribution

A brief introduction to the (continuous) uniform distribution. I discuss its pdf, median, mean, and variance. I also work through an example of finding a probability and a percentile. I don’t do any integration in this video.

2.5 An Introduction to the Normal Distribution

An introduction to the normal distribution, often called the Gaussian distribution. The normal distribution is an extremely important continuous probability distribution that arises very frequently in probability and statistics.

2.6 Standardizing Normally Distributed Random Variables

I discuss standardizing normally distributed random variables (turning variables with a normal distribution into something that has a standard normal distribution). I work through an example of a probability calculation, and an example of finding a percentile of the distribution. … Watch the Video

2.8 Normal Quantile-Quantile Plots

An introduction to normal quantile-quantile (QQ) plots (a graphical method for assessing whether a set of observations is approximately normally distributed). I discuss the motivation for the plot, the construction of the plot, then look at several examples. In the … Watch the Video